Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey people..I was checking my blog sometimes to see did anyone wrote something,but no one did...So I am going to write something about being out of the LINC program..It feels exciting...I loved it.Now I am taking five different courses.Three of them is still about English..The others are Math and Women's Studies..My math class is cool because I was afraid from Math,but I shouldn't have Iguess I will do better and my teacher is such a professional on his job and his kindness to students makes you feel confident...And my other class is Women's Studies.It is about Feminizm..The power of women's in this world...How we are equal to men and how succesful we are...Now only one thing makes me feel terrible how AM I GOING TO PAY for THE TEXT BOOKs?cause they are pretty expensive for my budget... Hope everthing is perfect for you guys..

Friday, May 1, 2009


Could you be lucky,if you fall in love with your best friend?I was thinking about that because I listened a song on the radio.The singer was Jason Mraz and the name of song was "lucky".The song was saying "Lucky I am in love with my best friend,Lucky to stayed where I have been"Can you be lucky?I think when you say your love to your best friend,you can lose her or have her forever.Is that a good idea to take risk?You have fifty-fifty chance.Would you put in a risk your friendship?Who can be really brave to say that?.I think about"Could I do that,if I fall in love wit my best friend?"lots of questions,can't answer...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Guy

Hello guys,today I want to write about one of my costumers.He is a hispanic and middle of age around 45 or less.I worry about him because he was coming mostly,when I was there.Beginning of the day he was buying 2 cans of beers after morning he was coming and buying 8 cans of beers.That was never changed,but nowadays he doesn't come and I worry about his health and life.My worries about him still contunies.I hope he is okay and healtly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad Mornign

Hi guys.I didn't write long time.I can't find any good topic to write about and it makes me to not write.Today I was coming school with my friend.She picked me up from my houes and I said her"Good morning".She was driving the car and I was looking stuptly to outside.I saw a young man and an old man were fighting.Young man hit the old man's head with his feet,when he falled down to floor.Old man was screaming to people "Call the cop"as many time as he could,but people just drove their car and gone.Because nobody wanted to be in a fight and get in trouble in the morning.That was very odd.Some people fight on the sidewalk in the morning.Anyway I told my friend "Not a good morning huh? I didn't mean,when I said "Good morning"?"After everthing I hope the old man is just fine!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Hello guys,I didn't write long time and I think you guys missed me:P;) I was thinking about numbers.Actually I am not very good with numbers,but there is a number makes me thinkful.It is Zero.Meanig of zero is nothing,but when you write it with another number it makes the number big.Zero for me is a miracle.Zero has been used 2000 years.It is also the date of birth of Prophet Jesus.Eventually human being starts from zero.Zero is the start.If we say the first step is the hardest,so then zero is the most important one.It is very difficult to understand of fragile line of zero.It shows Nothing and Lots of thing.There can't be any meaning of numbers without zero,but it is nothing by itself.People think zero is nothing,but they don't know there is no bigger number than zero........

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Freak cousin

Hey people!I am annoyed by my cousin.I feel weird,when I talk to him.He never answers me.I think I talk to myself.Why this is happenig to me?I watch something on the net and he interrutps me by listening trance music.It makes me feel fool..He calls me ingenuous.He tells me to cook to him,but when someone breaks your feelings can you cook for them?so sad!!He went to Mexico Cancun last week and he came like red rose !!!He shows me the most awesome club in the Mexico.He says "You can't go in there.They don't except people who is moron like you"..I said "who wants to go?He usually talks so stupid,it makes him humorous and makes me laugh ..!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Too bad,So sad!!

Today I wanted to make cake.I made it with my whole passion.There was no sugar at home and I went to buy it and I bought it.When I came home,I was so excited to make something.I found the cake's recipe from internet.It was so easy and looking good.I gathered everthing I needed and started mixing them.I did everthing,I have to do.And I tried to turn on my oven,but oOo it wasn't working.What a luck.I am getting so sad,when I think about it.Waste of time,materials and passion. Why these kind of things always happen to me.I am totally disappointed.I feel,I lost my passion about doing something with desire.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew

(Quest crew) (Beat freaks)

Hey buddies!!I was watching the program is called America's Best Dance Crew.It is officially finished,but voting still goes on.It will be done on march 5th.It is challange of sexes.There are 2 dance crew left.Quest crew and Beat Freaks.Quest crew's dancers are Asian guys.Their last performance was awesome.And the other crew's last perfonmance wasn't enough good.Their choreography was too slow and moveless.I didn't enjoy a lot.I voted for Quest crew.I am pretty sure,they deserve the victory.. .I put their last dance performance.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today I will write something about my little sisters.I wanted to have a sister,when I was about 8 years old.I was the only girl child in my family since 2003.I was really obsessed about to have a little baby sister and I didn't want to be alone anymore.My brothers weren't playing with me about girlie things.I was telling everybody that"My mom is pregnant",but it wasn't true anyway.When I became 13 years old,I was holding my little heaven scent sister.She was a summer child and she is very lovely to people.She loves people a lot.And my another sister was born in 2005.She was a winter child and she was too negative.She was criyng to everything for no reason.And I've got what I wanted.I have 2 sisters,but I grew up.They don't understand what I want and my needs are.They were driving me crazy,but I can do everything for them..Now they live the life what I REALLY WANTED TO LIVE and now their sisterhood relationship is unbreakable.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It wasn't a good day

I have never felt so nerveus in my life like today.I went to 5 hour driving school.Tucen drove me there,but we got lost and crazy.The way of that place was in Freeport Sunrise highway.We found the street,but we couldn't get the place where I should go.I called that place to ask where is it.A woman picked up the phone and I asked her how to find that place.And she said "Find the Family Dolar shopping area and park there",but before that she said there was a Chase Bank and make right from C.Bank.We confused and she got mad at us and I said her "I will find it,Thanks"but she said "I want to be sure you get there ."I was like shut the hell up woman,you don't give the right direction and tell me not to hang up on you.And I hung up the phone on her face.After looking around I decided to call again and hoped not to talk again with her.I called and she picked up I asked same thing again and she knew it was me who hung up the phone.She said "You just hung up on me huh? so.."I said politely"Don't get mad it isn't an easy address"and there was no billboard of company so how can you want me to find it easly.I talked to her on the phone and she said me to find number 18 on the old building.I found 16.I looked around like lost.She yelled at me and I raised my head and I saw 18.I said her "Is it that place you meant?"She said go inside,push the button of the elevator and go floor 4.I overheared other people's talking,they were saying"We couldn't find here easly".I said myself "Witch"cause she yelled us on the phone.We were almost having an accident.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I can see what you want to be,but I can't see what you going to be...!!


There is no enemy or best friend without in you.
There is not one world at the outside.
The world created in you.
Feeling of being different of you is just your illusion.
If you think the world at the outside tries to destroy you,then time to have a break.
Go out at this night and just look up to stars..


Perfection for people are to be free from fear of pain,doubt,and loneliness.
Look inside of yourself.
Perfect things are genuine,asset,and love.
They can't limited by time and place.
Don't try to look perfect.
The secret of the thing isn't how you look like,
it is about how much do you want to see deeper....

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey y'all.How is everthing?I feel happy because there is school waits for me to go,tomorrow.;).My vocation wasn't awesome.I don't like vacotions without doing anything.I was at home all my vocation and my computer broke down.I felt bored and sad because vocation without computer was terribly bad.That's why I couldn't write anthing during the vocation.And I was almost getting to use glass.I read 2 books without stopping and wacthed tv a lot.I borrowed my friends laptop to write something and to watch the Oscar.I chatted with other people who watch Oscar like me.I asked them their opinion and talked nicely.We promised each other to meet on next Oscar event:D.Many of them shocked because of awards.As you know Slumdog Millionare almost got all awards.We all were expecting Benjamin Button could get many of them,but that was a big disappointment for all of us.Anyway they got awards,that's mean they deseved.Yet many of them went home empty hands because of Slumdog Millionare.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey !Today I want to tell my childhood memory.When I was 6 I went to kindergarden.I actually didn't enjoy.I mean I enjoyed,but I was late to register,so I joined them middle of the season.And there were some kinda snappish girls.I really hate them.They all each were princes,spoilt,and mean girls.They didn't let me play with them.They were 5 girls group,and no one could be 6th one.My teacher was a nice and lovely woman I think she didn't like me,eather.The reason was oneday she was running and making circle around us in the class and boys were extendig their legs and when she was coming ,they were taking it back.I just wanted to do it,and I felt her down because I forgat to take my leg back.She just called my mom and she complained about what I did.That was the most embarrassing moment in my childhood.And end of the school we had a show for all parents to proud of their child.My role was to be an indian.I was cool and I looked different.I liked to be an indian,cause no one did the same thing as me.The all mean girls were same.Same make up,same dresses,same role....Kinda boring huh???(The girls I talked about are behind of me in the picture)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Using the Brain...!!??

(Le Penserv,Thinker Man)

Hi guys.How is everything?If you ask,I am okay.Now,I am thinking about "What is the thing in the world nobody thinks about it,right now..?"This question was in my mind since high school.I asked a lot of peole that question,but I couldn't get any logically answers.Fist time I was like a crazy thinker about to find a new thing.I still think and I am challenging with myself.That question makes me creative,when I think about it.I feel like I will create new things and I believe I have that kinda brain.I found out when I started to think this question and I cought a lot of ideas and stuff without thinking of anything.If you think I should find something new,then it's just waste of time.I want you all to think this question for not to find new things catching the things which is already there...If you get something new it's going to be awesome...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Cousin

My cousin is an amazing girl.She is my idol.And she is the best student in her class because she is so smart for her age.Oneday her teacher told her to teach to class as a teacher,but she didnt because she is so humble.Her friends told her to write books they believe her to be more successful than Harry Potter's author,but she said them "I don't have time to write books".And she also a lacrosse player at the school and her teacher begged to her to go to world championship,but she said "I can't leave my school.I am responsible for my school".And she is going to be a billionare of the world and she will help people.And she was almost becoming an actress in the Hollywood,but she didn't like most actors and actress.And she went to American Idol to show herself and she sang awesome and Simon Cowell said"bEST SINGER EVER I SAW",but she said "No,I can't do that.I came here to protest you because of your meanness to other people",but they said "No competition You are American best Idol" and she left because that's not why she went there.And I couldn't believe what she did.I was there and I saw everthing.She is a Rockstar for me.Unbelivable,unforgatable,smart,beautiful,charismatic person in my life.........................JUSTTT KIDDINGGGG.......................,but some of them are true....................

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The stories of Maiden Tower (In Istanbul)

The story I want to write about sad stories about Maiden Tower.Maiden tower is at the middle of the sea in Istanbul.First story is Hero's and Leondros's bad ending love story.Hero was a nun of Afrodit and she was banned to love by Afrodit.Many years later She had to go to the Afrodit's temple for a ceremony and she met with Leondros.They fell in love to each other.Leondros and Hero've started to make intentions to meet.Hero begun to hold up her tower's lights on for Leondros to find her tower's way easliy at nights,on the sea,by swimming.Leondros was swimming every nights to meet with his deathly love Hero,but oneday Hero's lights turned off at night and Leondros couldn't find the way of the Maiden Tower in the dark sea and he smothered.And when Hero realized his love died,she left herself to the dark sea from Maiden Tower.That was the one of the legend of Maiden tower.

Another one is about father and his daughter's story.One of the King's future teller tells him when his daugther becomes an 18 year old girl,she is going to die by snakebite.So he desided to fix the tower which is middle of the sea and put her daughter there to live safety.Yet people can't change the fate of life.Oneday a punnet was sended to her by someone.There was a snake inside of the punnet,but she couldn't see the snake and snake bite her and she directly died.This one is the most famous story of Maiden Tower.Now Maiden Tower is a restaurant and eating there is pretty expensive,but I believe It's worth it...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Elements of The Life

There are 4 important elements in the world as everybody knows.I want to tell something about them.


(air) (spring)

The meaning of air is Spring.Spring means begining of a new season.If you try to catch it you will get nothing in your hands.Air is yellow and bright.It is the breath of the living,movement,contact,communication,and stirring of the mind.It is flexibility of action.Air is about true peace of mind and freedom.And when you lost your way walk into the wind,breath deaply,and try to feel the freshness and coolness of the wind


(fire) (summer)

The meaning of fire is desire.It is warming,enthusiastic,and spark of the life.If you try to touch it,it will burn you.Fire is the father of hope and the desire of spirit.Fire is summer and red.Fire gives live,but it can destroy the life it gives.Air stirs up the fire,it needs the earth to contain it,but only water snuff it out.Fire is about passion,energy,courage to stand up,and hope of the future.When you lost your way walk into the sun,feel the warmth of sun on your face


(water) (auntumn)

Water is the main source of the life.Water is the food of the life.It refreshes,feels,and dreams.Water is serenity and auntumn.Water is blue.If you want to go deep down,it will suck you up inside of the sea.Water is the sister of feeling.Water isn't light and bright like Air, and it isn't the heat of Fire,it is dark and dangerous.Water is about gentleness,compassion,an open heart,and love.When you lost your way walk into the seashore and listen the sound of the waves,or take a shower to feel solving of your problems.


(earth) (winter)

Earth is the ground beneath our feet and which we build our life to live.Earth is stability,fertility,and fullness.Everthing growns on the earth.It is strong and immovable.Earth is winter and green.It is midnight.A timeless dark,warm,and silently protective.It is rich,dark and reliable.Earth is about respect,dignity,and strength.When you lost your way walk into the countryside, smell the scent of flowers and feel the hidden world of animals and the beauty of life.

--------- --

So My element is Air.What is your element?


Friday, January 30, 2009

It's My Day!!;)

Hi buddies.I hope you're all awesome.Today is my birthday.It's not a special day,but I came to the world this day.I had to born on Ferbuary 16th,but I couldn't wait anymore in my mom's uterine;):PI became a 19 year old girl.I am getting older year by year.So happy birthday to me:D.Nobody remembered without someone,but it's okay.I don't mind.I wish you all to stay with hope and peace.Today wasn't different from others.I just feel tired and I don't think I will sleep;)This night is going to be a long night like always because I am a night owl.I don't know why,but I like to stay awake at nights.Day begins for me at night.I say all people who were born in that day as me"Happy Birthday" I am eating pudding and it is like LOVE....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

"I like the night.Without the dark,we'd never see the stars."

Hey..How do you do guys?...I guess you're all perfect.I want to share with you my favorite movie in the world.It's a new movie.My favorite movie was Titanic,but now it is the second one.That movie's name is Twilight.I think some of you know this movie.I also read the books of this saga.There are 4 books of this serial.It have been written by Stephanie Meyer.I believe she did her best's best.This movie shows me there is a real love in the world,but everbody knows people acted and they earned money to do that movie.The main idea of the movie is impossible relationship between human and vampire.I also believe he is the most coolest vampire I've ever saw.The main characters are vampire Edward Cullen who thirsted human blood and innocent human girl Isabella Swan.They fall in love each other,so many interesthing things happen.I watched it 4 times.Today it occurred 4th.I recommend you all to watch that extraordinary movie ever...I also want to write the line of Stephanie Meyer..."I like the night.Without the dark,we'd never see the stars."This is my favorite line...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fliying high

Hello people I believe you're all fabulous..If you ask me how am I? I am flyin' high....Everything is fine.I don't like to explain my day,but I want to say something.Today I went to the mall with my aunt and my cousin MJ.We are good friends and we are very ironic when we are together.Nobody stops us.I always can make her laugh.I think I am pretty good humorous person.We didn't buy anything from the mall.It was tiring and boring walking around and looking at people.I took some pictures of my cousin.She put something on her.They were very expensive things and very interesting so we didn't want to buy those things because we don't need them.They were also ugly and unuseful things.I don't understand who buys them..After all of these we ate pasta when we got home.I looked my e-mails and my facebook.There was nothing interesting there.I felt bored and I started to play Playstataion.That amazing thing is the best stuff in the world to feel cool..I like playing Playstation with my cousin and we forget everything when we play.That game makes me insane..Now we're in middle of the war...sO don't try to interrupt me for now..:P:D

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi What's up people? I mean my classmates:).I hope all of you are dandy..I do not know what to say or what to write about,but I just want to mention about something I like to challenge for everything or anything and so even some of you like the same way with me just be my rivals.I believe It'll work out and I also believe It is the best way to learn something quickly.Everybody has mistakes and it is the most easy things to make.I don't like people who says "I am perfect and invincible" SO If you think you're invincible then I am going to bring your end.....

I really hate who really says that,even thought that person can't be my friend that's mean I will try to bring him or her end...Don't think"I am the president of maniac"I am just pretty passionate for which is I really want to get.I've never said"I am perfect"and I am not going to say that ever.I just like competitions..I DON'T want you to think there are some problems personal for all of you.I would like to add If you guys see my mistake or something you don't like about me just tell me...I like who is being honest all the time to me about everthing...I am very suitable and understantable whatever you say about me.It doesn't matter what you say bad or good just try to tell me..