Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Elements of The Life

There are 4 important elements in the world as everybody knows.I want to tell something about them.


(air) (spring)

The meaning of air is Spring.Spring means begining of a new season.If you try to catch it you will get nothing in your hands.Air is yellow and bright.It is the breath of the living,movement,contact,communication,and stirring of the mind.It is flexibility of action.Air is about true peace of mind and freedom.And when you lost your way walk into the wind,breath deaply,and try to feel the freshness and coolness of the wind


(fire) (summer)

The meaning of fire is desire.It is warming,enthusiastic,and spark of the life.If you try to touch it,it will burn you.Fire is the father of hope and the desire of spirit.Fire is summer and red.Fire gives live,but it can destroy the life it gives.Air stirs up the fire,it needs the earth to contain it,but only water snuff it out.Fire is about passion,energy,courage to stand up,and hope of the future.When you lost your way walk into the sun,feel the warmth of sun on your face


(water) (auntumn)

Water is the main source of the life.Water is the food of the life.It refreshes,feels,and dreams.Water is serenity and auntumn.Water is blue.If you want to go deep down,it will suck you up inside of the sea.Water is the sister of feeling.Water isn't light and bright like Air, and it isn't the heat of Fire,it is dark and dangerous.Water is about gentleness,compassion,an open heart,and love.When you lost your way walk into the seashore and listen the sound of the waves,or take a shower to feel solving of your problems.


(earth) (winter)

Earth is the ground beneath our feet and which we build our life to live.Earth is stability,fertility,and fullness.Everthing growns on the earth.It is strong and immovable.Earth is winter and green.It is midnight.A timeless dark,warm,and silently protective.It is rich,dark and reliable.Earth is about respect,dignity,and strength.When you lost your way walk into the countryside, smell the scent of flowers and feel the hidden world of animals and the beauty of life.

--------- --

So My element is Air.What is your element?


Friday, January 30, 2009

It's My Day!!;)

Hi buddies.I hope you're all awesome.Today is my birthday.It's not a special day,but I came to the world this day.I had to born on Ferbuary 16th,but I couldn't wait anymore in my mom's uterine;):PI became a 19 year old girl.I am getting older year by year.So happy birthday to me:D.Nobody remembered without someone,but it's okay.I don't mind.I wish you all to stay with hope and peace.Today wasn't different from others.I just feel tired and I don't think I will sleep;)This night is going to be a long night like always because I am a night owl.I don't know why,but I like to stay awake at nights.Day begins for me at night.I say all people who were born in that day as me"Happy Birthday" I am eating pudding and it is like LOVE....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

"I like the night.Without the dark,we'd never see the stars."

Hey..How do you do guys?...I guess you're all perfect.I want to share with you my favorite movie in the world.It's a new movie.My favorite movie was Titanic,but now it is the second one.That movie's name is Twilight.I think some of you know this movie.I also read the books of this saga.There are 4 books of this serial.It have been written by Stephanie Meyer.I believe she did her best's best.This movie shows me there is a real love in the world,but everbody knows people acted and they earned money to do that movie.The main idea of the movie is impossible relationship between human and vampire.I also believe he is the most coolest vampire I've ever saw.The main characters are vampire Edward Cullen who thirsted human blood and innocent human girl Isabella Swan.They fall in love each other,so many interesthing things happen.I watched it 4 times.Today it occurred 4th.I recommend you all to watch that extraordinary movie ever...I also want to write the line of Stephanie Meyer..."I like the night.Without the dark,we'd never see the stars."This is my favorite line...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fliying high

Hello people I believe you're all fabulous..If you ask me how am I? I am flyin' high....Everything is fine.I don't like to explain my day,but I want to say something.Today I went to the mall with my aunt and my cousin MJ.We are good friends and we are very ironic when we are together.Nobody stops us.I always can make her laugh.I think I am pretty good humorous person.We didn't buy anything from the mall.It was tiring and boring walking around and looking at people.I took some pictures of my cousin.She put something on her.They were very expensive things and very interesting so we didn't want to buy those things because we don't need them.They were also ugly and unuseful things.I don't understand who buys them..After all of these we ate pasta when we got home.I looked my e-mails and my facebook.There was nothing interesting there.I felt bored and I started to play Playstataion.That amazing thing is the best stuff in the world to feel cool..I like playing Playstation with my cousin and we forget everything when we play.That game makes me insane..Now we're in middle of the war...sO don't try to interrupt me for now..:P:D

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi What's up people? I mean my classmates:).I hope all of you are dandy..I do not know what to say or what to write about,but I just want to mention about something I like to challenge for everything or anything and so even some of you like the same way with me just be my rivals.I believe It'll work out and I also believe It is the best way to learn something quickly.Everybody has mistakes and it is the most easy things to make.I don't like people who says "I am perfect and invincible" SO If you think you're invincible then I am going to bring your end.....

I really hate who really says that,even thought that person can't be my friend that's mean I will try to bring him or her end...Don't think"I am the president of maniac"I am just pretty passionate for which is I really want to get.I've never said"I am perfect"and I am not going to say that ever.I just like competitions..I DON'T want you to think there are some problems personal for all of you.I would like to add If you guys see my mistake or something you don't like about me just tell me...I like who is being honest all the time to me about everthing...I am very suitable and understantable whatever you say about me.It doesn't matter what you say bad or good just try to tell me..