Monday, March 9, 2009

Too bad,So sad!!

Today I wanted to make cake.I made it with my whole passion.There was no sugar at home and I went to buy it and I bought it.When I came home,I was so excited to make something.I found the cake's recipe from internet.It was so easy and looking good.I gathered everthing I needed and started mixing them.I did everthing,I have to do.And I tried to turn on my oven,but oOo it wasn't working.What a luck.I am getting so sad,when I think about it.Waste of time,materials and passion. Why these kind of things always happen to me.I am totally disappointed.I feel,I lost my passion about doing something with desire.


  1. I know a little how you feel. On Saturday night, I started to make dough for special cookies. I made the dough, but I could tell it was too sticky. I added more flour and refrigerated it. When I went to roll out the dough, it stuck to the paper I had wrapped it in, and I had to throw it out and start over with another recipe! It is upsetting to have your bubble burst (to be disappointed). I hope the oven works again soon and you can try again.

  2. It was very big disapointment for me because I wanted to do something intensely,but look what happened.After everything I realized,I won't start doing anything checking the danm oven.I am so sorry for you,too.Baking is very hard thing.You have to know how to adjust things.Anyway humans learn to do things by trying.