Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I can see what you want to be,but I can't see what you going to be...!!


There is no enemy or best friend without in you.
There is not one world at the outside.
The world created in you.
Feeling of being different of you is just your illusion.
If you think the world at the outside tries to destroy you,then time to have a break.
Go out at this night and just look up to stars..


Perfection for people are to be free from fear of pain,doubt,and loneliness.
Look inside of yourself.
Perfect things are genuine,asset,and love.
They can't limited by time and place.
Don't try to look perfect.
The secret of the thing isn't how you look like,
it is about how much do you want to see deeper....


  1. These are beautiful and inspirational. Did you write them yourself? I especially like the part about taking a break and going out into nature when you think your world is falling apart. That sounds like great advice.

  2. These are really beautiful. I like your writing.

  3. Thank you Eleine as you know I try to write thing which is in my mind.I hope you can have a chance to take a break all your life;)
    Thanks Jea.I wrote it in Turkish and I tried to write it in English,but I think there are some kinda mistakes.I will go on writing something like these poems..