Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Freak cousin

Hey people!I am annoyed by my cousin.I feel weird,when I talk to him.He never answers me.I think I talk to myself.Why this is happenig to me?I watch something on the net and he interrutps me by listening trance music.It makes me feel fool..He calls me ingenuous.He tells me to cook to him,but when someone breaks your feelings can you cook for them?so sad!!He went to Mexico Cancun last week and he came like red rose !!!He shows me the most awesome club in the Mexico.He says "You can't go in there.They don't except people who is moron like you"..I said "who wants to go?He usually talks so stupid,it makes him humorous and makes me laugh ..!!


  1. So I am not understood. U like his jokes or do not?

  2. Some people are not good at conversation.

  3. He is sometimes really funny I like when he is being nice,but he is mostly mean.