Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey people..I was checking my blog sometimes to see did anyone wrote something,but no one did...So I am going to write something about being out of the LINC program..It feels exciting...I loved it.Now I am taking five different courses.Three of them is still about English..The others are Math and Women's Studies..My math class is cool because I was afraid from Math,but I shouldn't have Iguess I will do better and my teacher is such a professional on his job and his kindness to students makes you feel confident...And my other class is Women's Studies.It is about Feminizm..The power of women's in this world...How we are equal to men and how succesful we are...Now only one thing makes me feel terrible how AM I GOING TO PAY for THE TEXT BOOKs?cause they are pretty expensive for my budget... Hope everthing is perfect for you guys..

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