Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Guy

Hello guys,today I want to write about one of my costumers.He is a hispanic and middle of age around 45 or less.I worry about him because he was coming mostly,when I was there.Beginning of the day he was buying 2 cans of beers after morning he was coming and buying 8 cans of beers.That was never changed,but nowadays he doesn't come and I worry about his health and life.My worries about him still contunies.I hope he is okay and healtly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad Mornign

Hi guys.I didn't write long time.I can't find any good topic to write about and it makes me to not write.Today I was coming school with my friend.She picked me up from my houes and I said her"Good morning".She was driving the car and I was looking stuptly to outside.I saw a young man and an old man were fighting.Young man hit the old man's head with his feet,when he falled down to floor.Old man was screaming to people "Call the cop"as many time as he could,but people just drove their car and gone.Because nobody wanted to be in a fight and get in trouble in the morning.That was very odd.Some people fight on the sidewalk in the morning.Anyway I told my friend "Not a good morning huh? I didn't mean,when I said "Good morning"?"After everthing I hope the old man is just fine!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Hello guys,I didn't write long time and I think you guys missed me:P;) I was thinking about numbers.Actually I am not very good with numbers,but there is a number makes me thinkful.It is Zero.Meanig of zero is nothing,but when you write it with another number it makes the number big.Zero for me is a miracle.Zero has been used 2000 years.It is also the date of birth of Prophet Jesus.Eventually human being starts from zero.Zero is the start.If we say the first step is the hardest,so then zero is the most important one.It is very difficult to understand of fragile line of zero.It shows Nothing and Lots of thing.There can't be any meaning of numbers without zero,but it is nothing by itself.People think zero is nothing,but they don't know there is no bigger number than zero........