Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey !Today I want to tell my childhood memory.When I was 6 I went to kindergarden.I actually didn't enjoy.I mean I enjoyed,but I was late to register,so I joined them middle of the season.And there were some kinda snappish girls.I really hate them.They all each were princes,spoilt,and mean girls.They didn't let me play with them.They were 5 girls group,and no one could be 6th one.My teacher was a nice and lovely woman I think she didn't like me,eather.The reason was oneday she was running and making circle around us in the class and boys were extendig their legs and when she was coming ,they were taking it back.I just wanted to do it,and I felt her down because I forgat to take my leg back.She just called my mom and she complained about what I did.That was the most embarrassing moment in my childhood.And end of the school we had a show for all parents to proud of their child.My role was to be an indian.I was cool and I looked different.I liked to be an indian,cause no one did the same thing as me.The all mean girls were same.Same make up,same dresses,same role....Kinda boring huh???(The girls I talked about are behind of me in the picture)


  1. I guess you've been a nonconformist all your life. That's a good thing to be. You knew what was important from a young age. From the picture, I can see how much more fun you were than those princesses. Is the story about the teacher true? If so, I'm going to be careful when I walk past you!

  2. It is definetly true.I was so ashamed from myself.Don't worry Eleine.I grew up,and I was a kid when I did it.

  3. Ok. I won't avoid you tomorrow.