Thursday, February 26, 2009

It wasn't a good day

I have never felt so nerveus in my life like today.I went to 5 hour driving school.Tucen drove me there,but we got lost and crazy.The way of that place was in Freeport Sunrise highway.We found the street,but we couldn't get the place where I should go.I called that place to ask where is it.A woman picked up the phone and I asked her how to find that place.And she said "Find the Family Dolar shopping area and park there",but before that she said there was a Chase Bank and make right from C.Bank.We confused and she got mad at us and I said her "I will find it,Thanks"but she said "I want to be sure you get there ."I was like shut the hell up woman,you don't give the right direction and tell me not to hang up on you.And I hung up the phone on her face.After looking around I decided to call again and hoped not to talk again with her.I called and she picked up I asked same thing again and she knew it was me who hung up the phone.She said "You just hung up on me huh? so.."I said politely"Don't get mad it isn't an easy address"and there was no billboard of company so how can you want me to find it easly.I talked to her on the phone and she said me to find number 18 on the old building.I found 16.I looked around like lost.She yelled at me and I raised my head and I saw 18.I said her "Is it that place you meant?"She said go inside,push the button of the elevator and go floor 4.I overheared other people's talking,they were saying"We couldn't find here easly".I said myself "Witch"cause she yelled us on the phone.We were almost having an accident.


  1. dont lie Ayse ..! You was like "sorryu miss.. Please dont get mad , blaa blaa" ..! I was about to kill her ..! I was about to crused her and Ayse stoped me :S WitcHH ahhhhhhhhhhh Dont remind me yestarday :@:@:@

  2. I felt bad,what could I do?She was triyng to help us,but direction was complicated.I tried to be polite.So you saw people have phone rage.:P:P

  3. People can be really rude. I'm sorry you had that experience. Do you think she was especially rude because you had an accent, or do you think she would have been rude to anyone. How was the class? Did you get out on the road, or was it classroom instruction?

  4. It was classroom instruction.She couldn't give the right direction.We told her where we were,but she said go there right,but didn't say excatly from where we should go.I guess fro, her voice,she was an old woman.

  5. she was so rude to us ..! She doesn't even know how to explain :S I'm not sure about if she knew the way or not ..!

    Ayse She yelled at me ..! and I yelled at her ..! nobody can yelled at me sorry ;) and I cant be polite when they are being rude to me

  6. DEAR AYSE...
    i know you went through a difficult situation and i realy sorry about it..butttt
    What did you learn from this trip?
    if you think about it a little you can find a piece of lesson for yourself.. the answer is very easly but i gonna tell you anyway..

    answer is : IF TUGCEN OPERATE THE VECHILE DONT GO ANYWHERE WITH HER...( sender: one pal )
    :) ehehheh

  7. :D:DThanks one pal for your advice.Maybe you're rght,but I can't be an ungrateful person.Thanks to Tugcen!