Thursday, January 28, 2010


why does everyone has to have problems?I ask myself why do I always such in trouble?I hate that I want to have a life without problems....But lets say how could be the world without problems?Let me tell you I would be the worst of everything!!!Today I went to school and I had 3 classes that i have to attend...I cant miss any of them.If I am absent 3 times my teacher can drop me...sounds not good....But being late to class is sucth a terrible thing because you miss the whole point...what the heckk...Today I also learned that there is no good people around me...Someone tried to make me believe what ever lies she is saying something about a really important person for me by hiding her real b....c!!!!and you know what that person who does it someone close to us.....wowwwww....OMG......!!!hEY My dear friends you all need to learn not to trust and tell everthing about yourself....This an experience of the can trust me anytime....and trust me on this too....Zip your mouth and keep it close....Just listen and look, you will see everthing....I still tell you to trust me.:D:D:Dtake care buddies..

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